Professional dog training from the comfort of your home

At Stepping Stone, we are excited to offer our professional-level dog training services virtually. We believe that virtual training can be even more effective than in-person sessions because we get to see you and your dog in your element without distractions or environment changes. From private training to group classes, we offer an array of virtual options for every dog and human team.

Why Virtual Training Works

It’s easy.

Our virtual training programs don’t require any special software or technical knowhow. In fact, all you need is access to the internet and a computer or smartphone. 


It’s convenient.

Virtual training schedules are much more flexible than in-person. So you can make the times work for you and your dog. We even provide a recording of your sessions.


It’s economical.

Since we don’t have to come to you or you to us, the cost for virtual training is a less than in-person training. We can also do sessions more often, which means you’ll start to see results faster. 


It’s effective.  

A lot of dog training is actually human training. With virtual at-home training, you become the coach with us as your support system.

How our Virtual Sessions Works

STEP 1: Book your session.

Choose your type of training and a day and time that works for you and your dog. We’ll send you an email with an invite to your scheduled virtual session.


STEP 2: Get set up. 

Choose a location to set up the computer or phone you will use for your training session. You need to find a spot that has good lighting (make sure there is not a window behind you) and where the trainers can easily see you and your dog. And make sure you have plenty of treats ready to go in that area!


STEP 3: Start your session.

Our virtual sessions are conducted via Zoom. All you will need to do is sign into your Zoom account at the scheduled time (it’s easy and free to create an account if you don’t have one already). Your email will include the meeting ID and password that you’ll need to enter into Zoom to get into your secure virtual session.

Our Virtual Training Programs

Intake Assessment 

We recommend all new clients start here. With the virtual intake assessment, we create a plan customized to you and your dog’s needs and goals. Before the session, we’ll ask you to record a short video of the behavior you want to discuss in your session. After the session, you’ll get a report that includes our professional recommendations for what to do next.



Private Training Sessions

We can monitor your pet’s behavior in a more natural environment through virtual training sessions. You and your dog will be more focused on the tasks at hand and less prone to distractions.



Training Classes

Virtually socialize with other pets and owners in our training courses. We offer a variety of classes. Click here to see what classes we have coming out.



Pet Adoption Counseling

We can help you narrow down exactly what kind of dog will fit best in your family and where to find it. We can even interview breeders and foster parents to help find the perfect fit.


We also offer virtual services for professional dog trainers looking for a second opinion on particularly difficult and complex cases. You can find out more by contacting us about your professional consultation options.

To find out more about who we are at Stepping Stone, go to our Meet the Staff page.