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We'll come to you!

Does your dog jump on visitors or pull you around the neighborhood? Is your dog aggressive or scared of strangers or dogs? Do you have issues that are only happening at home? Private training is a great way to learn how to work with your dog one on one.


We train dogs using non-aversive methods utilizing food and other rewards as positive reinforcement to increase the performance of desired behaviors and decrease unwanted behaviors. 

Private training is now being scheduled through Pawsitive Pets LLC. They are the parent company of Stepping Stone! Please follow the link below or give them a call at (765) 325-7297.


Private Training prices range from $50 to $110 for an hour and a half session. Price is dependent upon the severity of the issues you are wanting to work on. 

We also charge a travel rate of $.75 per mile and will go up to a 10 mile radius of 101 N Grant St. Room 80, Box 103 West Lafayette, IN 47906. 

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