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Set your puppy up for success by enrolling him or her in Puppy Life Skills. Your dog will learn foundation skills, leash walking, dog etiquette, and more.


Classes are for puppies under 16 weeks of age and last for 4 consecutive weeks.

$199 per 4 week class


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​Life Skills classes are for all dogs over 20 weeks of age and last for 6 consecutive weeks. Classes are held in our unique group setting with 4 dogs and handlers in their own private training suit. The curriculum of Life Skills 1 focuses on foundation behaviors your dog will need throughout his/her life to make living in the human world easier. Classes are modified to meet each team’s specific learning goals.

$249 per 6 week class


Life Skills 2 is 6 weeks long and continues with foundation skills taught in Life Skills 1 but focuses on adding distractions to foundation behaviors by taking the class "on the road"!

Engagement, focus, self-control and redirecting impulses will be covered.


Class 1: Review and we begin working outside of your training suit.

Class 2: Practice Canine Good Citizen test

Class 3: Trip to Tractor Supply

Class 4: Trip to Armstrong Park

Class 5: Trip to the Purdue Campus

Class 6: Trip to the Courthouse

Pre-Requisites: Life Skills 1 or pre-approval from the instructor

$249 per 6 week class


Therapy dog prep classes are for dogs over a year old. The curriculum of this class focuses on how to prepare for taking a therapy dog test, and also prepares you for real-life visits after you have passed. The first class will be for humans only.


Class size will be limited to 6 dogs/handler teams.


Pre-Requisites: Life Skills 2 or equivalent or pre-approval from the instructor. 

What to Expect:

  • Take a mock test to see where you and your dog stand on readiness and areas that need focused on

  • Focus on what is expected from therapy dogs and their handlers

  • Benefits of joining a therapy dog organization

  • Difference between therapy dogs and service dogs/emotional support dogs.

  • Evaluation if your dog is ready for therapy dog work

  • Learn how to have successful visits with your dog

  • How to phase out the use of treats

What to bring:

  • 6-foot leash

  • Plain buckle collar

  • A large amount and variety of treats 

$175 per 5 week class

Therapy Preparation

Festive Fidos is a Life Skills 3 class

Festive Fidos takes your dog's Life Skills "on the road" to visit area events and festivals. Julie Shaw is your instructor for this intense engagement training session. Four handler/dog teams will meet Julie at the specified event for a 45-60 minutes session. Life Skills 1 & 2 or equivalent is highly recommended, although not required. Bring a hungry dog, MANY high value treats, Gentle leader (if you use one), water/bowl, and your dog's mat. See you at the festivities!

October 6: Howl-O-Ween Dog Walk    meet @ 11:30am

October 13: Purdue Corgi Races   meet @ 2:00pm

October 18: RoundTable Wellness walk      meet @ 6:00pm

December 7: Christmas Parade     meet @ 4:30pm

$75 per class

Festive Fidos

When do classes start?

What makes our group classes exceptional?

Before registering for a group class we need to be sure your pet is a good fit.

Instructor Julie Shaw has over 36 years of experience in animal behavior (including 13 years at Purdue University's Animal Behavior Clinic) and has taught 1000's of trainers and animal professionals around the world.


All Stepping Stone trainers have graduated or are in the process of attending the Karen Pryor Academy.


Classes are small, only 4 training teams, allowing for very intimate and personalized training programs.


Our custom training suits allow your dog to be off leash. This decreases distractions and allows you to focus on your teaching skills.


We utilize state of the art training tools including remote reward systems, cameras, and platforms.


Stepping Stone was created with one goal in mind - to improve the relationship you have with your pet. It's all we do.


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