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Stepping Stone Animal Training

is pioneering the Fear Free℠ movement by bringing it to your pet's grooming and husbandry care.

Looking pretty and going to the grooming salon shouldn't be scary. Yet, for many pets and their pet parents, the thought of going to the groomer or the veterinarian causes undue stress. If your pet dislikes having their nails clipped, dreads going to the veterinarian or if you want to avoid these problems, our services are for your pet.


Using cooperative care and Fear Free℠ techniques, we will take as much time as your pet needs to feel comfortable in the grooming salon. You can rest easy knowing that your pet physical well-being and will leave our salon with a calm mind and a happy heart.


Things to know when booking your grooming appointment:

  • Grooming appointments are available Monday through Thursday from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. We work at your pet's pace to insure they do not experience any fear or stress. 

  • It may take more than one session to complete your dog.

    • If your dog is extremely anxious at the groomer, we may decide to work in short sessions rather than grooming your dog all at one time.​

    • You will only be charged one time for the full price of the groom. However, you may be asked to pay a behavior modification and training fee up to $75 on the subsequent visits.​​

  • We will call and/or text you when your dog is ready. Please try to retrieve your dog as soon as you can after we have notified you.​

Ready to schedule? Start here!

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