Drop your dog off Stepping Stone Animal Training for an exciting day of learning!


Your dog will experience structured group games, controlled group play, private lessons, fitness training, group lessons, and any other activities your dog may need.


We keep our Day School class very small – less than seven dogs per trainer! This way, we can improve confidence, focus, and self-control in each student. At the end of each day, you will receive a detailed report with goals and plan.

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$89 per day


Frequently asked questions

What are Day School Hours?

Drop off is between 7 am and 9 am Pick up is between 4 pm and 6 pm

What does my dog do all day?

7am- 9am: Drop off & structured group play For day school and program dogs we ask that you arrive for drop off between 7-9am. Please call upon arrival and a staff member will come out to get your dog from you at your vehicle. We ask that all clients wear a mask at drop off and pick up each day. Once inside, each dog and their belongings are wiped down with a towel that we spray with alcohol to help reduce the risk of spreading COVID. After being wiped down, the dogs are introduced into our structured play group until training sessions begin at 9am. Our trainers also use this time to come up with each dog's individual lesson plan for the day based on the goals listed on their intake assessment and what the owner has requested we work on. 9am- 10am: Individual session #1 During our individual training sessions each dog is given their own space to rest (most of the time this is a crate but this is dependent on each dog and their comfort level.) We then bring dogs out one at a time to do their individual training session. Either before or after this session we take each dog outside to go potty as well as give them a chance to drink water. 10am- 12pm: Individual session #2 During our second individual session we record a video of the training session to attach to the dog's report card that is sent at the end of each day. After this session each dog is given water and taken outside for a potty break. 12pm- 2pm: Nap time Between noon and 2pm each dog goes to their space to rest for nap time. The goal for this is that students will learn how to settle and sleep in their own crate. We feel it is important that each of our students learn how to relax in different environments as well as have a chance to rest and be prepared for afternoon training. 2pm- 3pm: Individual training #3 After nap time each dog is taken outside for a potty break followed by their individual training session. We also record this session and upload to their report card for pet parents to view at the end of the day. 3pm- 4pm: Individual training #4 Milestone program dogs will have a fourth individual training session where we work on behaviors that the owner requests. This is not included in the Puppy Steps Program or Day School. 4pm- 6pm: Pick up & structured group play After each dog has their last individual training session we start structured group play. We ask that all dogs are picked up between 4pm- 6pm. There is a late fee for dogs that are picked up after 6pm. When you arrive to pick up your dog, please call our front desk and a staff member will wipe your dog down with a towel sprayed with alcohol and bring your dog to you at your vehicle. We ask that all clients wear a mask at drop off and pick up. Behind the scenes Between sessions is when we are working with the dogs on loose leash walking, cooperative care, waiting at doors, calmly interacting with staff and anything the individual dog needs to succeed. Depending on time and the group of dogs' needs, we will do group training sessions.

How is Day School different from Day Care?

There are numerous differences:

  1. Often daycare includes many dogs - 12-40. We only include 6 students in our class. This allows us to include dogs that are unable to tolerate a more chaotic daycare setting.
  2. Our play sessions are scheduled, controlled and supervised by highly experienced and trained staff.
  3. Each dog has puzzle time and nap time in their own private pup cubbie or space.
  4. Each dog receives a minimum of 4 private training sessions throughout the day.
  5. Each dog receives multiple group training sessions throughout the day to specifically teach self control and focus.
  6. We become intimatelly aware of each dog's specific learning style, needs and behavior goals.
  7. We are able to create real-life scenarios to work on specific problems.

When can my dog start Day School?

Your puppy or dog may attend Day School as soon as they have started their vaccinations with your veterinarian (including bordatella), and you have completed an Intake Assessment with one of our Trainers. Puppies under 14 weeks of age will be socialized, housetrained and begin foundation behaviors. Dogs are never too old to attend Day School, although some older dogs may not enjoy the social interactions as much as a younder dog.

My dog wasn't a good fit for Day Care- can he/she come to Day School?

Yes! very possibly. The experience of our staff combined with our education center's flexibility, allows us to create a positive learning experience for many dogs that otherwise may not be comfortable in a daycare setting. We evalute each student's situtation on an individual basis and come up with a plan.

I think my dog has separation anxiety. Would Day School be a good fit for him/her?

Yes!! We can teach your dog self confidence and how to be independant while we address the separation anxiety.

Who teaches Day School?

Miss Hailey and Ms. Sarah teach Day School Monday though Thursday.​