Training Classes

We are excited to offer a selection of group training classes in our facility located inside Pooch Palace:

35 Beck Lane, Suite 101 B
Lafayette, IN 47909

Classes will be limited to 6-8 dogs and will focus on positive pro-active interactions, life skills and relationship building. Our goal is to help you help your dog become as emotionally and mentally healthy as possible while building a strong relationship between you.

Most classes are typically 60-minute sessions that run for 4 weeks. Our Foundation classes include Puppy Start Right Pre-School for puppies under 14 weeks of age and our Life Skills classes for all dogs over 14 weeks of age.

Our Foundation Classes are unique in that they run in a rotational format that allows you and your dog to start at any time.

Al a carte classes will begin this summer including our Vetphobia class (for dogs that are afraid of the veterinary hospital).

Dog Owner Teaching Pet Lurcher To Sit

Puppy Class

Our puppy training class helps build a foundation for puppies as they grow, explore and build a relationship with you and your family.

Puppy Start Right Preschool

The curriculum focuses on making the most of your puppy’s critical socialization period, which occurs between 7 and 14 weeks.

Promotions and Discounts

We want to help! Check to see if we offer a promotion or discount that works for you.

Dog Classes

Stepping Stone offers training classes for all years and training levels.This class continues to build a training foundation and introduces clicker training.

Life Skills 1

Life Skills classes are for all dogs over 14 weeks of age and is held in a group setting with 6-8 dogs and handlers in their own private learning pods.

Life Skills 2

Life Skills 2 continues with foundation skills taught in Life Skills 1 but focuses on adding distractions to foundation behaviors.
*Life Skills 1 must be completed prior to this class

Specialized Classes Coming Soon in 2016!

Please note that to enroll in a specialized training class, a dog must have attended a Stepping Stone Puppy Class or Life Skills class.

If you attended a training class elsewhere, please fill out the contact form below and we can asses your dog on an individual basis or via a trainer referral.


Stay tuned for more information and dates on these other dog training classes:

  • Canine Nosework™
  • Therapy Dog Certification Program
  • Zen Classes
  • Urban Herding
  • Shy Dog
  • Tricks Class
  • Advanced Tricks Class
  • Grey Muzzle Class
  • Veterinary Cooperative Care
  • And More
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