Jenna M. Shimkus

I took my first Belgian to puppy class then to obedience class after that. I then asked Julie if she needed any help to please let me know. She has so much knowledge about dogs and dog body language and I wanted to know more and help her and dogs in any way that I could. Julie called me and asked if I could help her with classes. We started out with one class per week and ended up having to add another. I learned so much working with her. We taught hundreds of owners and dogs obedience and so much more. After several years Julie was offered a job at Purdue and has since gone on to speak all over the world. To do behavior work at the behavior clinic at Purdue with Dr Luescher and so many others. Julie has an amazing way with dogs and people you could not find anyone better to help you with any behavior issues or training.

Lorena Patti

Julie isn't only a trainer of dogs. She is also responsible for the training of and teacher to hundreds (high hundreds, mind you) of other training professionals. Her experience in training all types of dogs- from puppies to adults, as well as in dealing with serious behavior problems in dogs, is one of the most comprehensive that I have found. As a professional dog trainer myself with over 10 years of experience, not only have I seen her in action, but learned from her vast knowledge and experience. There's no better teacher than one that is active in the field, and Julie is one of the best. When you sign up with Julie, you aren't only getting a trainer: you are getting one that all trainers worth their mettle have learned from.

Jessie Harding

Julie is an amazing trainer and person. She helped save the life my rescue dog when I thought there was no hope for her aggression. Julie does not just train dogs she trains people to train their dogs. Julie may not have personally trained my current dogs but because of what she taught me I am able to train my dogs to work with special needs kids. Thank you, Julie, keep up the amazing work you are doing.

Tasha Lance

Julie is an amazing trainer and teacher. Her ability to read your pets body language and guide you through every nuance of those signals speaks to her vast experience both in training principles as well teaching people. Her dedication to education and research in the behavior field show a passion that is unrivaled in most professions. It is a pleasure to be able to work with Julie and continue to learn from her.

Stephanie Day

Julie is an exceptional trainer, of people and dogs. Her enthusiasm makes her a phenomenal speaker. She trained her own son's service dog with clicker training. She has a rare understanding of learning theory and has years of practice putting that knowledge into practice. She is one a few elite trainers, whose knowledge and caring and skill are of great benefit not just to dogs, but people as well.

Sandra Bowers

Julie Shaw was my teacher for my Karen Pryor Academy CTP class. She taught me so much about clicker mechanics, animal body language, cueing, shaping, chaining, fluency, matching to sample, and so much more! We had so many wonderful discussions about training service dogs since, I raise and train puppies for Leader Dogs for the Blind. I hope to work with her, again, in the future.

Melissa Moore

Julie has been an inspiration to me, and is the main reason I have been interested in animal behavior. Multiple times the veterinarians I have worked with have referred clients to her for her to train dogs with behavior problems. I would highly recommend Julie for any type of training need!

Michelle Spear

Julie worked with my two Papillons when they attended Puppy Kindergarten classes and later worked with them for some behavior issues. She taught me so much on dog behavior that I got interested in dog rescue. She understands a dog from the inside out. Very talented and knowledgeable!

Lena Skov

Julie is a phenomenal trainer and a prominent member of veterinary behavioral community having written a textbook for veterinary technicians. I learned so much from her as my instructor at Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior. If you have a dog in need - Julie is your person.

Skylar Shaw

Thank you for teaching me so much about animals and animal behavior. You show passion in everything you do, keep up the great work!

Debbie Martin

Julie is an amazing teacher of people and animals. She is empathetic and devoted to the welfare of animals. She has changed my life with her enthusiasm and knowledge.

Cheryl Dunco

I had a very troubled dog with anxiety. Julie came out to our house and worked with the dog and helped the kids learn how to work with the dog too. I so appreciate her

I have not worked with Julie personally, but I have heard her speak at conferences, and have had personal conversations with her over email. She's was very helpful, and is extremely knowledgeable.

Loretta Loyall Mossburg

Julie is working with our dog Joe and training him to correct behavioral issues. I am impressed and very happy with the progress. I Recommend Julie Shaw if you need a GREAT dog trainer! BTW Joe LOVES her!!!!!!

Jo Cook

I have learned so much about dog behavior and my own capacity to succeed from Julie Shaw that it is hard to quantify. However, if you want someone grounded in current best practices in animal behavior to work with you and your pet, Julie is the go to person.
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