Welcome to Stepping Stone Animal Training, LLC!


The primary mission of Stepping Stone Animal Training, LLC is to promote, strengthen and protect the human-animal bond. To meet that goal, Stepping Stone Animal Training is a full-service behavioral and mental health care team for pets and pet parents.  

We hope to provide preventative care services in order to stop a behavior concern before it becomes a real issue. By assessing and hearing pet parent concerns, we are capable of making recommendations for next steps that are shared with both the pet parent and the animal’s veterinarian.

Stepping Stone has a strong support team with medical and veterinary backgrounds that specialize in animal behavior and the human-animal bond.

Why the name Stepping Stone?

Because when life gets difficult, confusing or frightening, try simply focusing on the next step in front of you. The majority of our animal behavior patients are confused and frightened (along with their pet parents).

By taking it one step at a time, you can start making positive strides toward effective communication with your pet.

History of Stepping Stone

After working both in private practice veterinary medicine for 15+ years and 13 years at the Purdue Behavioral Clinic with Dr. Andrew Luescher, Julie saw that both pet parents and veterinary professionals needed support with behavioral concerns.

Julie established a team of veterinary professionals and specialists in pet behavior and the human-animal bond to assist in providing preventative and intermediate care.

What Is the Human-Animal Bond?

We want to help you take the relationship you have with your pet to the highest level possible. If you and your pet are currently struggling with training, if you have questions about certain behaviors or if you are looking to start some training, we are here to help.

The human animal bond is built on communication and an understanding of what certain communication signals our animals are sharing with us mean.

We focus on the behaviors you do want in your pet and teach you techniques for better and clearer communication.

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