The relationship you have with your pet is dynamic, ever changing, and constantly growing.

Stepping Stone Animal Training helps foster and build strong human-animal relationships.


3.9 million dogs and 3.4 million cats are taken to shelters every year in the US due to behavior problems. Assessments create a plan of action by identifying, assessing and prioritizing concerns.


Training is an important step for all dogs and pet parents. We offer group training classes, up to 8 dogs per class, that focus on different skills and training techniques. Private classes are available.


The decision to bring a new pet home can be stressful. Our pet selection counseling helps narrow down what kind of pet you should bring home and which pet works best with your family.


Stepping Stone provides consultation services, seminars and webinars about animal behavior, training techniques and the human-animal bond to veterinary professionals. Please let us know how we can help.

Welcome to Julie’s blog, Dog Hair in My Soup.


The title may gross out a few (who we hope keep reading) but for those of us who are animal crazy, we’ve been known to pick out an animal hair or two from our _______ (substitute whatever noun here you would like), identified  who it belonged to and continued to go on with our lives as if nothing had happened. Can you relate? Keep reading!

Dog hair in my soup

Build and strengthen your human-animal bond.


Build Better Relationships

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